Upright Open MRI

Rose Radiology is proud to offer the latest high field, full-body Open MRI scanner that can scan patients in the sitting or standing position. This technological breakthrough is second to none in the MRI imaging world, and can be reimbursed by most insurance carriers at no additional cost to the patient.

Conventional MR and CT systems are designed so that the patient is scanned in the horizontal position (typically supine) whereas with a Stand-up Open MRI, physicians have the ability to see all the body’s organs and soft tissues in a variety of positions that include flexion, extension and rotation.

This is especially important when dealing with certain cardiovascular and neurological disorders that exhibit their symptoms primarily when the patient is upright. The same is true of the GI tract and the spine and joints, including hips, knees and ankles.

Patients who might be considered for upright MRI include:

  • Patients who are claustrophobic
  • Patients who are obese or exceptionally large (including some endocrine patients)
  • Patients who are unable to lie supine for the duration of their scan
  • Patients who need to be observed in upright or seated positions during their scan

Benefits of a Stand-Up, Open MRI

  • Image quality is exceptionally good, and all studies are reported by specialist radiologists
  • Claustrophobia is not a problem with this scanner
  • It can be used in a variety of clinical situations where conventional MRI is unsuitable
  • It can sometimes reveal pathology not identified with conventional MRI