Posts made in March 2017

Preferred Imaging Now Offering Lung Cancer Screenings

Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer-related deaths in America.   Undergoing an early detection, low dose lung cancer screening can save your life. Research shows that screening can help detect lung cancer even before the clinical signs or symptoms become evident.    Therefore the key to successful  treatment of this disease is early detection, before it has compromised the function of one or more vital organs.   It is most treatable in the early stages and in fact, can be highly curable when detected early.

Candidates for Screening/Risk Factors: Current Smoker or former smoker, exposure to second hand smoke, radon or asbestos exposure, lung disease history or family history of lung disease, other exposure to known cancer-causing chemicals or carcinogens.

Preferred Imaging is Now Offering 4D Ultrasound

For all of the expectant parents as well as grandparents and friends, you can see your unborn baby in live 4D motion. Preferred Imaging uses brand new cutting edge 4D ultrasound technology to bring images of your unborn baby to life. From a yawn to a stretch, or the beating of your baby’s heart, your ultrasound will allow you to take a peek at your baby’s first movements inside the womb. Imagine being able to see your baby sucking his thumb or waving his little hand at you. This exciting new technology allows you to see what your baby will look like before he or she is born! Call 972-412-0211 for details and package pricing.